Friday, July 24, 2015

Hour of Code in Tikapur, Kailali || An After Effect of EarthQuake

Even before returning back to my birth place Tikapur, Kailali, I had plan to conduct Hour of Code and started the arrangement day after I got there. I am very thankful to Daman Pandey, Srijana Sodari and Namrata Thapa for aiding me and coordinating with my steps. After a day, we decided to organize the event in Khadga Memorial E.B. School which was from 29th Baisakh,2072. The basic technical resources to be provided by the institution for the success of the event were:
  • >> Projector
  • >> Internet availability
  • >> A hall or big room and
  • >> A speaker set

Our little journey started from this school. Because of the scenario and request from teachers, we had to conduct Hour of Code for 2 days in this school i.e 29th and 30th Baisakh. I was even more glad to do this among as many students as I could since we know such an educational event must be reached to as much students as possible. The students from class 4 to class 10 were participated in this event and I hope they were acquainted with the basic knowledge of Computer Science. Since the event was of fun filled strategy, every students seem very excited to be a part of it. They were full of surprises within themselves.
Then the next school was Santa Nirankari Vidya Mandir, dated 1st Jestha, 2072. We had agreed to conduct event in this school for class 9 and 10 students only. But our intention was to reach out to as many students as possible which was not favorable in this school due to certain ups and downs. To be precise, the school had no internet facility so, I had to manage internet on my own. Anyway the event was even more exciting and smooth here as there were just less amount of students participated and yes of course it wasn’t that hard to explain about coding to these students as they were somewhat familiar with QBASIC.
Students getting Firefox/ Mozilla Napal's stickers 

On this journey of teaching students about basic computer science and coding, I got health issues. I was little afraid of failing my promise of conducting Hour of Code in 3 more schools. And then my bad dream became true here as I had to cancel the event in 2 schools. However, I couldn’t resist myself from make it happen in one more school. My heart was very happy to have some playful moments with students and teach them an Hour of Code.
 It was then here at Shree Ganesh Baba English Boarding School on 5th and 6th Jestha, 2072. Another cherishing moment with students from class 6 to class 10. Although school had no internet service, I am very much thankful to the institution for providing Rs. 250 per day as data refund for the event. We went with great excitement and enthusiasm to conduct the event and found out the same result from students and teachers’ side. They were also very much fond to learn basics of computer science and actively participated throughout the session. We exchanged playful educational time during the event.

It was much more exciting and a fun experience involving with students from different schools in my home town. Therefore, in overall the event was a grand success with participation of around 700 students from 3 schools. I felt very sad and sorry for I couldn’t do Hour of Code in other 3 schools that had granted permission to do it in their institution. Hope I can make it next time when I go back to my village. And I am again thankful to my volunteer friends mentioned in the first paragraph. Thanking all the students and teacher for coordinating and helping me during this whole period for making it a grand success.
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