Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mozilla Nepal: 2nd Anniversary Celebration

Mozilla Nepal 2nd Anniversary
I would like to start from a week ago when my mobile ring and i heard a voice saying " ईमेल चेक गर्येै?" It was non other than my dear friend Nootan Ghimire's voice. I went through my gmail and saw there was a new email from one of the gallant Mozillian Avasz Mulmi brother with a INVITATION for the very event. I was very glad to see that and very excited from the day. I was like when will the day, 26 August come so that my feet would crawl toward SAP Falcha, Babarmahal.
There was assessment exam going on throughout that week but my mind was concentrating on thinking how would be the day of Mozilla Anniversary. I filled the form which was told to be filled for the confirmation of attending event on the very day. The day was finally on the door. On the previous day, I got a message from one of the Mozillian - saying to be at the venue sharp 10 am with power/cord and laptop. My face was bright and I replied in fun and excitement.
26th August: In the morning around 9:15 am again i got a text msg as previous one. I was all set and ready to make my move. I called Nootan if he could join me together as he also had to attend the event. He replied in hurry that he would be little late and i non-need to wait him. So, i packed up my gadgets and budged my foot steps towards SAP Falcha. It was a 5 minute walk from my residence. On the way I happen to call my another friend Shashi Khanal who informed me that he was already at the spot.
SAP Falcha there it comes..... I walked straight up to the 1st floor seeing a navigation on the front. I saw some faces, kinda new to me as i only knew core mozillians. I was happy to see them. Then slowly the number of invited mozillian increased on the spot. We all gather on a room where program started after few more mozillian arrived.
Starting the event
 Program took its pace with category division for which the main target of the event was to do something beneficial and productive on the occasion of anniversary of Mozilla Nepal. That is why mozillians were invited and for those who were not invited, could also join the event online by contributing to the various field of Firefox services. Three category were already decided for the event:
1. At least 3 Firefox OS Apps.
2. 30 Webmaker Makes
3. 1000 strings localization
The localization team went to next room and other two team stayed in the same room engaging themselves with the task divided. I was very curious and happy to be one of them and localizing the strings. We were into something that would be helpful for thousands of people out there. It was such a wonderful moment and powerful time. Seeing great people doing great things was one of my inspiring moment and my heart was also all upon it. I was localizing strings while my other friends were busy with app making and webmaker things.
It was all going something like this ......

Generating Ideas for apps
Setting up wifi for Localization
Pitching the Ideas for apps and  webmaker and going for the target was fun filled.
There was provision of net for the event to be carried out efficiently and smoothly.

Localization team on 
the go.
Strings being localized. 

Target: 1000 strings.

Localization team
App makers
App makers
Breaksssss through

Break snacks

Mozilla Team at SAP Falcha
After completing goals, the group went to the Central Cafe for its dinner celebration of the event. Some of the members had already left the venue at the end of the day. Rest of the members had wonderful dinner together.........


 Outcome of the day

 Number of apps developed yesterday during the event: 8
1. Piano tiles (works but not completed): Nirmal Khanal and Bansaj Pradhan
2. Nepflights website as ffos app: Prakash Neupane
3. To-Do List (Prototype): Akriti BhusalShristi BaralMadzz Srestha
4. Firefox Puzzle: Shashi Khanal (helped by Kuber Sodari)
5. Hangman: Manish Jung Thapa and Nootan Ghimire
6. Routine - I (College, etc) : Tuladhar Buddhi
7. Routine - II (Different purposes): Avasz Mulmi
8. Markfoxy (A markdown to HTML): Avash Mulmi

Number of Firefox strings localized: 1088
Target Strings: 1000
Team members:
Sabrina Dangol Ma Lika Subina Stha Ujjwal Hatuwal Swati Pradhan Avay Shrestha Manish Dangol Rajan Kandel Sabin ParajuLee Suraj Bohara कुबेर सोडारी
Webmaker makes from the Mozilla Nepal 2nd Anniversary event,
Team: Aman Routh , Nikesh Balami and Ashutosh Joshi
26th august 2014. ‪#‎MozNp‬ ‪#‎MozAnniversary‬
Popcorn make on "How to Use X-Ray Goggles" :
Thimble make about Mozilla Nepal Second Anniversary.:
Thimble make abut Mozilla Nepal Second Anniversary Invitation:
Popcorn Video of the Event :
Thankyou everyone!!!  And congratulations Mozilla Nepal on stepping onto 2nd step. Best of good wishes for future endeavors to every Mozillians.. (y) :D :D :)